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Commercial Signage

Digital Signage

Transform the way you communicate with your audience through our cutting-edge digital signage technology. Whether you’re looking to enhance your retail environment, streamline corporate communications, or captivate visitors in public spaces, our digital signage solutions offer a versatile and dynamic platform to display your message with impact and precision.

Designed by

DS Visual
  • L7 Mohs tempered glass

  • High Brightness

  • Industrial Grade

  • High Definition

  • Android System

  • In-Built Media Player with CMS

  • Commercial Functions

Customization available:

  • Model with slim bezel and width

  • 4G SIM Card Module

  • HDMI Input

  • Windows System

  • Touch screen function (Qiosc Series)

Get Inspired
by our past projects


Better Protection

IP graded 43, Mohs level of 7

Tempered Glass


High Durability

Structure made of aluminum, covered by metal sheet plus tempered glass

Metal Casing


Industrial Grade LCD Panel

Designed for 60,000 operating hours

LCD Panel
LG UT640S Series

Other Branded Screens

LG Life's Good
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