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LCD   Video Wall

LCD video wall is a huge visual surface which is built from multiple LCD displays. These multiple individual displays are designed specifically for use in certain commercial applications, and differ highly from normal television sets. The biggest differences are the bezel width, the mounting system and the reliability. Where normal television sets are designed to play a few hours per day, these specific panels are expected to play much more. Often even 24/7. An important specification for LCD video walls is the bezel width, which needs to be as thin as possible. If not, the black bezels will create a black raster that hinders the visual experience. Especially important for video walls is a perfect calibration, which is not only restricted to a single panel. Also critical is that the color and brightness settings of the complete wall match. This means that the values of all panels need to be synchronized with the surrounding displays. If not, even the slightest deviation in color or brightness will make the wall seem out of balance. The LCD video wall is not just for video conference, but also for the shopping mall, monitoring room, exhibition, brand store, meeting room etc., applications, and is widely used for displays and advertising. 

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