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Transparent LED  Screen

Transparent LED Screen

Offering excellent balance between high transparency and high brightness, transparent digital LED screen solution delivers a great viewing experience. As a wall-mounted fixed display, it matches perfectly with the glass surface and also offers customization for different settings. This lightweight digital signage has cabinets made of lightweight aluminium that are very easy to set up and install. This ensures very low cost of maintenance. 

Transparent LED digital screen solutions have pixel pitch of 15.625 x 31.25 mm and brightness of 8,500 NIT along with optimum viewing distance that ensures a great viewing experience. This versatile and transparent LED display solution has a module size of 64 x 32 mm and module resolution of 64 x 16 dots. It is easy to replace the LED strips as the panels weigh just 5-8 kg each and there is no need to replace the modules, making maintenance real easy. 

Transparent LED


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