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Commercial LED  Display 

For retail to showcase their products, for F&B to display their menus, for medical facilities to promote healthcare caution, for corporate to share information across departments.


Commercial LED signage has rapidly replace printed display during "Go digital" movement. Working with the right software it makes your business more advanced in digital marketing.

Standing Display

They are just like LCD signage but with better mobility. In DS Visual we offer you the availability to customise the stand and offer you 3 years warranty. 

Standing Display

Standing Kiosk

Cover with touch screen overlay, this kiosk not only display information but also allow user to interact with the kiosk. Available option to equip with ticketing printer, card scanner, barcode scanner and etc.

Standing Kiosk

LCD Videowall

To convert an empty wall to a bigger screen, to use as a presentation screen or showcase your product in a showroom, lobby or meeting room, LCD videowall is a better idea for your consideration. Equip with screen-sharing device and projectile your slides to the videowall or convert it to a huge digital whiteboard, call us for professional consultation.

LCD Video Wall

LED  Display Wall

The technology of LED is advancing. The application of LED in display industry is getting more common.  Now with high density pixels, LED panel is able to deliver stunning visual effect to your wall and bring the awesomeness to your community.

LED Display Wall

Outdoor LED Signage 

In DS Visual, we are not only design the structure of the screens, but we also provide some awesome visual contents to your LED screen. Be it to impress your shopper to create brand awareness or to interact with the crowd, in DS Visual, it is possible to get it done.

Outdoor LED Signage

Transparent LED Screen

High transparency LED panel allows you to transform your glass panel to a stunning and impressive Transparent LED Screen. Increase your brand awareness by showing off this masterpiece at your outlet and attract more traffic. 

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Film

Transparent LED screen is getting more attentions from retailers in recent years. With the help of innovative technologies, our engineers are able to do some magical invention - Transparent LED Film, higher transparency with high brightness LED to show case your product. 

Transparent LED Film


Want to convert a wall to a digital wall? Have an old digital signage want to replace? Want to turn a motionless signage to something more vibrant?

Come and challenge us with your ideas and see what we can do for you.

You decide, we design

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