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  • Phallavy Horng

Benefits of Going Paperless with Digital Signage

Updated: Mar 19

With the improvement of technologies in present days, paper-based norms are believed to be a thing of the past. However, even in the digital era of paperless offices, the reality of most businesses still uses an estimation of 95% of paper to store information. Though using form has its perks, it has its problems of being a substantial financial cost to business and the environment. There is a clear face-off between using display screens and printed posters or banners for advertising or attracting customers - this gives a point to digital signage because it is much more earth-friendly than its paper counterpart.

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What is a digital signage system?

Digital signage, sometimes called electronic signage, refers to display technologies such as LCD or LED displays that vividly display webpages, videos, directions, restaurant menus, marketing messages, or digital images. You can usually see these advertisements in public spaces, especially on LED video walls. Common ones in the malls are digital signage stands that show directions or shop advertisements. All these helps promote businesses or companies.

The production and implementation of printed signage are killing the planet: trees have been cut down, transported to mills, processed, and made into paper. Every day, this happens for millions of businesses throughout the world. Although printed advertising has a shorter shelf life than digital signage, the trash produced by monthly multi-location print campaigns has far more significant long-term effects than installing a network of digital signs. Digital signage offers safe environmental changes such as flexible and cheap, durable, energy-efficient, and recyclable. These digital signage displays are made to last around ten years if taken care of properly and use 90% less energy than most electronics out there. In addition, these displays are easier to recycle than you think because they are made of parts that can be removed and reused without needing to be broken down or melted.

Companies all around benefit more from going paperless than from not doing so. Paper consumption is a primary environmental concern, and businesses are working to limit their paper and plastic usage. However, there is an attractive and compelling alternative: paperless advertising can save overall costs for organizations and help boost the bottom line. Making the switch to paperless is a good idea for the reasons listed below: a less carbon impact, less expensive advertising, increased efficiency, and increased engagement. How much one's organization uses up nonrenewable resources is reflected in the reduction of carbon footprint. As governments worldwide transition to more environmentally friendly policies, companies with a significant carbon footprint may face penalties.

Digital signage is generally cost-efficient, less time-consuming, and more effective than traditional paper marketing. Plus, it is way easier to change the content displaying on the screen. You can change it immediately; all from one device.

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