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DS Visual Heads to the Martial Art Town, Kali Majapahit

Updated: Mar 19

Digital signage displays are widely used in Singapore, allowing customers to see cutting-edge android digital signage display technology in commercial areas. Digital signage vendors will be able to precisely target their customers with appealing, highly relevant marketing content. It is more than just a hardware as it utilize advanced technology and our extensive knowledge base to ensure that your message reaches a broader audience than ever before.

DS Visual is one of the digital signage suppliers in Singapore. We are among the best digital signage companies that supply digital signage systems with a fully equipped warranty and cloud-based digital signage.

DS Visual recently installed top graded digital signage for Kali Majapahit, Martial Arts Center. We provide digital signage solutions to help Kali Majapahit help show their potential customer what true martial art looks like and how it can empower them to become a master in this art. Before we get into the equipment listing, let’s look at the center’s brief description.

Kali Majapahit was founded in 1998 by Guro Fred Evrard. They offer martial arts classes in Singapore based on Southeast Asian martial arts, which includes stick fighting, empty hands, self-defense and kickboxing, the Indonesian martial art of Silat, and influences such as Muay Thai, Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Hakka Kuntao, Taiji Quand, and more. The system has been widely taught to law enforcement worldwide and beyond self-defense, giving students the best tools to live a healthier life with great focus and energy.

Kali Majapahit has academies and training groups in countries all around the world such as Singapore, Japan, USA, Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany, France, India, Finland, Belgium.

Their mission is to positively impact the world and the life of others through their teaching and philosophy. They strive to be their very best in teaching martial arts, developing leadership skills in others, teaching personal development skills, healthy lifestyle concepts, ethics, and morals. They lead by example. Together, they will make this world a better place.

Below are their opening hours.

· Monday-Thursday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

· Friday: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

· Saturday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

· Sunday: Closed

DS Visual recently installed the equipment for Kali Majapahit, Martial Arts Center. That equipment includes the following specs:

32inch Digital Signage

  • Diagonal Size: 32inch

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (2K FHD)

  • Active Display: 393.5 (H) x 697.6 (V) mm

  • Brightness: 350nits

  • LED Type: WLED

  • CPU: Octa-Core CortexTM-A7 CPU A83T 1.8GHz

  • GPU: PowerVR SGX544

  • Memory

    • (RAM) 2GB DDR4

    • (ROM) Emmc 16GB

  • OS: Android 4.0

  • CMS: VS player (Plug & Play Available)

  • Physical Dimension: 756.8 x 451.8 x 68.6 mm

  • Weight: ~18kg

Other details include

3-year On-Site warranty by DS

If you’re interested in our product, visit and make your first digital signate order now! You can also write to us at or call us at (+65) 8883 8441 for more information.


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