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Digital Impact: Why F&B Chooses Commercial Signage Screens over Home TVs

Updated: Mar 19

In the competitive world of Food and Beverage (F&B), creating a unique and engaging ambiance is crucial for attracting customers. The choice between commercial signage screens and home TVs can significantly impact the overall experience for patrons.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why F&B establishments should opt for commercial signages, backed by insights from industry experts and references from reputable sources.

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1. Durability for Continuous Operation

Commercial signages are built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in a business environment. Unlike home TVs designed for intermittent use, commercial digital screens are engineered to run for extended periods without compromising performance. The robust construction of commercial screens ensures longevity, making them a cost-effective investment for F&B establishments that often operate from morning to night.

According to CIE Group, commercial screens are designed with durable components that can handle the demands of 24/7 operation. This durability is crucial for F&B businesses, where digital screens are a constant element of the customer experience. With the added commercial graded tempered glass, our customer can be assured of this durability.

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Garrett Popcorn - Changi Airport T4

2. Enhanced Display Quality and Customization:

The visual appeal of a commercial screen surpasses that of a home TV, providing superior display quality and customization options. Commercial screens typically offer higher brightness levels, better color accuracy, and advanced features such as dynamic contrast ratios. These qualities are essential for showcasing menus, promotional content, and creating an inviting atmosphere within an F&B establishment.

Sharp Business USA emphasizes the importance of display quality in their blog, noting that commercial screens deliver exceptional clarity and vividness. In a visually-oriented industry like F&B, where aesthetics matter, the enhanced display quality of commercial screens can make a significant difference.

3. Tailored Content Management: Commercial screens come equipped with content management systems that allow for seamless scheduling and customization of content. This is particularly advantageous for F&B businesses that need to display dynamic menus, promotions, and event schedules. The ability to easily update and manage content ensures that the information presented to customers is always current and relevant.

The commercial screens are designed to be part of a connected environment. This connectivity is invaluable for F&B businesses looking to leverage digital technologies to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. And because DS Visual are constantly upgrading system inline with the ever developing technology. The screens can now be controlled via a mobile applications, without the trouble of the staff moving ladders to plug in USB thumbdrive to the screens.

4. Extended Connectivity and Network Capabilities:

Commercial screens are designed with extended connectivity options and network capabilities, enabling F&B establishments to integrate them into a broader digital ecosystem. This allows for centralized control, making it easy to manage multiple screens across different areas of an establishment. It also opens up possibilities for interactive displays, social media integration, and real-time updates.

While even big brands like Samsung, highlight the importance of content management in commercial screens. In our previous blog, underscores that these systems are designed with user-friendly interfaces, enabling F&B establishments to make quick and efficient updates to their on-screen content.

In the competitive landscape of the F&B industry, every element of the customer experience matters. Opting for commercial screens over home TVs proves to be a strategic decision, offering durability, enhanced display quality, tailored content management, extended connectivity, and compliance with commercial standards. As highlighted, these advantages collectively contribute to creating a dynamic and engaging environment that can set F&B establishments apart from the competition.

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