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Inspection Process of Outdoor Standing Advertising Display Screen

Updated: Mar 19

Users that learnt about standing advertising display screen will know that a high-quality display requires the production process to be on international standards. Having a high standard for production allow to minimize costs and maximizing the quality of the product. From the overall structure to the parts details, it must meet international standards. Assembly of the display is mainly divided into three parts, the casing, the LCD advertising display screen inspection, and the software inspection.

(photo: dsvisual)

The specific process is as follows:

I. Casing assembly process

  1. The first thing you see in any standing display is the casing. In the case of an outdoor screen, IP65 is a general international standard for waterproof quality. Generally, user should check if the glue on the shell is uniform, and whether if water dew will form when placed in the welding shell.

  2. Check the mounting bracket if the blots and nuts are tightly secured to the frame.

  3. Compare with the sample image of the product with the casing of the outdoor vertical advertising machine, ensuring the nuts are secure, and carefully check the screw holes and the gaps where the glass glue is applied. If there is any gap between the unit, the team is to disassemble the unit to fix the gaps and tighten the unit with silicon as soon as possible.

  4. To study the surface of the display unit and ensure it is clean of any dust inside the glass. Touch inside of the glass to see if its smooth flat. Smoothing it out to see if there are any air bubbles in between. If there are, the touch function might be compromised.

  5. Open the door frame of the outdoor standing advertising display screen and try to close the door panel with one hand. If the door panel touches the pressure strip, the door cannot be closed with force, indicating that the door frame design does not meet the anti-theft standard. Either the door panel structure is not done well or there is a issue with the assembly of the lock.

  6. Ensuring the casing comes with cooling system is important in ensuring its durability. This is done by checking if there is any noise coming out from the cooling fan inside the screen casing when it is operating and if the cotton inside the body can insulate heat.

II. Inspection standards for outdoor LCD advertising machine screens

  1. Use a dust-free cloth to wipe around the glass to see if there are water droplets around the glass. If water droplets is found in the screw holes and on glass, to fill it with silicon to fill the gap.

  2. Use a caliper to measure the distance between the inside of the glass and the LCD screen. If the adhesive strip exceeds 1mm, to take note on the air cooling structure.

  3. Check the internal boards of the LCD screen, whether the lines are clear, and whether the surface of the LCD screen are free of dust and stains.

  4. Keep watch on LCD screen pressure bar and support frame, and check whether the LCD screen is placed correctly according to the direction indicated on the backlight unit.

  5. Check the fan, insulation cotton, and protective net to see if the production team is a legitimate manufacturer.

  6. Check the drive components such as drive board, decoder board, terminal block, power supply, etc., and analyze according to the standard of "Electronic Configuration Table".

III. Customize the software positioning of outdoor vertical advertising machine

If the outdoor advertising display is a custom-made product, it is necessary to perform software debugging. Example of customization include adding on, electronic newspaper, highway toll display, or remote network software. The additional functions are different from the common display screen that comes with VGI and HIMD interfaces, thus the additional requirements for internet connection via WIFI and 3G antenna require to be strong.

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