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Why Your Business Need LED Digital Signage?

Updated: Mar 19

LED digital signage breathe new life to your products and services. By harnessing on the LED digital signage your business can stand out from the crowd and bring you an edge across from your competitor.

Here are the 10 reasons why your business needs LED signage:

1. Grab Attention At today technology age, people look at the digital signages more than the traditional banners. People just cannot help themselves to be distracted by moving pictures and videos. In fact, based on a study made, 70% of the people have seen and remember the message they saw from a digital LED signage.

2. Low Maintenance Digital LED displays do not necessarily mean costly maintenance. Considering the brightness the display bring and durability, they can withstand harshest weather and even a beat with a baseball bat and have a lifespan of 10 years! LED Digital Signage are built by little LED lightbulbs and unlike our phones, tablets or TV it is not build by a single glass screen.

3. Environmental Friendly LED digital signage consumes minimum electrical energy therefore makes it eco-friendly. The low electrical energy needed allows the signs to be on 24/7 while not costing you too much on your electrical bills compare to bills to your home air-conditional unit. 4. Increasing Brand Awareness It is important to send your branding and messages to people who are near to your business vicinity whether it is on foot or vehicle. Having your products and services put out to as many people as possible would bring in more customer to your businesses. The average conversion online are between 2 – 5 percent, therefore basing on the statistic, by getting more exposure through LED digital signage it would help you improve your bottom line. 5. Long Lifespan LED Digital Signage can last between 60,000 and 100,000 hours (7 to 11 years), which is 6 years longer than a typical light bulb. Once you have mounted a signage, you would not need to change it for a long time. Another great thing is after the 1st 10-year period, you can just get the portion where the mini bulbs need to change which means less cost and faster maintenance! 6. Lower Waiting Time If your business generates long queuing lines, especially the F&B businesses during weekend. Long queues can deter people from wanting to wait thus abandoning their spot. Some of the innovative ideas in working us is that we can get content management team to integrate game apps with your LED signage to keep them entertain, thus perceive a shorter waiting time for their turn. Your customer could finally look forward to the wait for GOOD THINGS!

7. Quick & Easy Update If you are still using a traditional signage, you will realize it take quite a while as you reprint the banner or light boxes with your content. But with the quick paced business now the promotion you trying to put out might not give you sufficient time for the wait of the printing and delivery. Digital LED signage on the other hand can easily and speedily change your marketing content. With information changes so fast, it is important for us to also follow speed to get our customer up to date as well.

8. Auto Brightness Control

A good reason to invest in an LCD digital signage is the possibility to add-on brightness control feature. In the daytime when the sun is shining bright, you might need more light power to gain attention and nigh time when the sky is dim overwhelming light can be hard to see.

9. Cost Effective While not only LCD digital signage is eco-friendly, with lesser electrical energy used it can be cost effective too. Looking at also with the multiple printing and changing up the traditional signages to keep up with the information changes it might also be cost effective to get something that can change you speedily and less time planning for each printing and delivery.

10. Video Content In order to stand out from competitors, a eye catching video can help to place you at the forefront with the potential customers. Good content can also help to get your message out there in the shortest time possible. Studies had also shown that LED signages had higher ROI compared to the word-of-mouth.

LED Digital Signage is essential for your business to attract and promote your product and services. Today if you would to spend time walking around you would realize all high profile businesses had rely on LED digital signages to get the led over competition. Want to know more? Request a quote today!


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