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Perfect Pixel Pitch

Updated: Mar 19

If you've been looking into purchasing an LED Video Display, you've almost certainly come across the term pixel pitch. Pixel pitch is an important factor in determining which LED Video Display is best for you. To understand what pixel pitch is, you must first understand what we mean by pixel. A pixel is a grouping of colored light sources called diodes. Almost every cluster contains at least a RGB (Red, Green & Blue) diode.

(Photo: Extremetech)

Each SMD pixel (chip) in advanced surface mounted diode (SMD) technology incorporates a tiny red, blue, and green light. This modular design allows the pixels to be much closer together, increasing the display's resolution significantly. Pixel pitch is measured in millimeters. As a result, if an LED Video Display has a pixel pitch of 1.3, the center of each diode is 1.3mm away from the center of the diode next to it.

A quick reference on the pixel pitch recommendation based on the optimal viewing distance as follow:

(Photo: Neoti)

DS's LED Video Walls all have at least a 120° viewing angle. This means that the image is still good and easily readable for 60 degrees in each direction of the front of the screen to the left and right. LED Video Displays in general have a very wide viewing angle, so if your viewers are in front of the LED Video Display, however even on the sides, they will be able to see the image clearly. It's one of the most remarkable aspects of LED Video Wall.

(Photo: DS Visual - Nam Ho at People's Park Complex)

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