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Why Your Company Needs A Stretched LCD Display

Updated: Mar 19

The vast majority of screens for use in the home, in industry, or digital signage are of the same shape, which is a rectangle with a limited ratio of height and width. Screens have always been primarily driven by the home market, which is where the dimensions were originated from TV camera filming dimensions and, more recently, with the wish for widescreen and home cinema size.

A stretched LCD display is relatively new to the local market. However, Stretched LCD displays have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer several advantages over traditional LCD screens. Some of the most common applications for stretched LCD displays are in retail settings, automotive dealerships or in public transportation. Stretched LCD displays are also commonly used for advertising and corporate purposes, such as in restaurants or in space-limited settings.

These LCD screens have been crafted to display an elongated shape. To create an elongated image, our Content Management System (CMS) - VS Player can help preset the working template for you to create suitable content for the screen.

The main advantage of stretched LCD displays is that they offer a high degree of customization. This allows businesses to create a unique display that is tailored to their specific needs. Even in small spaces, stretched screens can help fill the elongated space gap. A study showed that advertised products promoted with digital signage see a 26% increase in sales on average. Thus, businesses should fully utilize spaces to advertise their products.

If you are considering a stretched LCD display for your business, contact us at or +65 8883 8441 today to learn more about our products and services!


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