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Should Videowall Be Used at a Smaller Venue?

Video wall comprises of multiple display screen that are combined together as a cohesive unit to display content. Understanding from people is that video walls are only use in large venues such as stadiums, concerts, buildings, etc. However, a video wall installed nowadays is to create impact in smaller venues to display its content as it is definitely an attention grabber.

LED technology have the capability to generate sharp and bright images which is the reason why it is being introduced for video walls. LEDs delivers high refresh rates in comparison to any other video wall technology by having the ability to produces its own brightly lit images. In addition to that, LED video wall is efficient and durable because it does not get heated or worn out. The images are split among multiple display screens via the hardware-based controller or software-based PC with a video-card controller. Although, hardware-based controller does offer higher reliability and performance, it is not as flexible as the software-based PC. Software-based controller allows multiple support of applications to fully utilize the pixel resolution of video wall.

There are two common type of LED video walls which is Direct view LED video walls and Indoor LED video walls. Direct view LED video walls is commonly used for large outdoor displays back in the days. As our technology enhanced over the years, we can customize the resolution required for indoor displays. Indoor LED video walls on the other hand is trending for the industries of entertainment, education and advertisement. By using the surface-mounted LEDs, indoor LED displays deliver high-resolution imagery and can be designed in curved shapes.

DS Visual have your back covered with the complexity of the installation and customization so that you are only required to provide us your idea and we will guarantee your satisfaction with our service.

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